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For many home buyers in Northeast Florida, the process of buying a home is very exciting. From starting your home search, speaking with a lender, and getting the keys at the closing table, you will encounter many series of paperwork, forms, and signing. Once you leave the closing table, there’s still a very important thing to do: file your homestead exemption!

The Florida Homestead exemption is a huge benefit of owning a home in Northeast Florida! Here is everything you need to know!

Who is eligible?

All legal Florida residents who own and occupy a home, condo, co-op apartment and certain mobile home lots. To qualify, you must own and occupy the home as a permanent residence on January 1st of the year in which you want to claim the ex...

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Results and service mean a lot to us. That’s why we want to share with you our Mission Statement and Core Values.

Mission Statement

Over the next ten years, develop the most reputable premier residential real estate group in Florida by providing Buyers and Sellers with the highest level of service and maintaining strong relationships with those we serve.

Core Values

Do the right thing – even when it hurts

Services to others above all else

Competitiveness in the market

Always hungry and eager to learn


Average Sales to List Price Ratio

Northeast Florida Association of Realtors: 96.9%

The Brooks Group: 99.5%

**The Brooks Group sold homes for +2.6% above our competitors in 2017.

Average Day on Market


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As you are likely already aware, major tax reform just became law. With so many changes, particularly to portions of the code affecting real estate, we here at The Brooks Group wanted to help educate our clients and friends on what changes were made and how we expect it to impact the real estate market in 2018 and beyond. There were essentially three changes that will have some amount of impact on real estate costs:

1) SALT DeductionPreviously, taxpayers were able to deduct state and local property and income taxes from their Federal tax return. This still remains the case but is now limited to a cap of $10,000. It seems this will primarily impact high-income individuals or those with more expensive homes (and higher property taxes). Howe...

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Before getting started in real estate I loved my job and the work that I did. I simply couldn't get over the fact that the level of work I was doing didn't match up with the pay I was receiving. It ended up being another year of working 12-14 hour days, and weekends, to break even financially. At the same time, the company I was working for had an incoming CEO who was known for cutting costs and bonuses. The writing was on the wall and I took the plunge. Switching locations from Washington, DC to Jacksonville, FL didn't make a difference. I needed to switch careers. I needed to have control over my future.Getting started in real estate is a first class education in entrepreneurship AND budgeting. Over two years of working professionally,...

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As Senior year at Tech arrived, I was immersed in the job search. I had done well at school, ending up near the top of my class in finance, and applied for many of the typical finance positions. But I also was looking to do something a little different from the typical Wall Street path taken by most new finance graduates. The dad of one of my best friends was a partner at a unique group within one of the big accounting firms. My friend had told me about the type of work his dad did, and I reached out to his dad to learn more. I found out that this group’s work was not typical Wall Street finance, but more policy oriented, and absolutely incredible. I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. After some ups and some downs in the...

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Life was great at Virginia Tech, where I met my amazing girlfriend, Brittany (now my fiancée), and was at the top of my class for finance. I learned so much, not only from classes, but from my college jobs. I worked as a calculus tutor my freshman year. And I had two incredible summer internships -- one at a Wall Street bank and the other at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. But the best job I ever had was working during my junior and part of my senior year as a Domino's pizza delivery driver. Unlike Brittany, who worked in the dining hall on a set schedule making barely more than minimum wage, I chose to take a job where I could create my own schedule and have no limits on my hourly income since most of my pay came from tips. I ...

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"Love Me or Hate Me, At Least You Know Me." - Grant Cardone

I've decided to start a blog about my life and experience as a real estate agent here in Jacksonville, FL. I want to share my journey because I believe it could help others in the real estate business or those thinking about becoming a real estate agent. It is also a way to reflect upon the past so I can collect and see patterns in my life, that may continue into the future. Further, it's a personal goal of mine to write and publish a book later in my life.

I do want to let you know up front that I do not intend to offend anyone in these blog posts.It's true that many of my personal thoughts about the real estate industry are not mainstream, and I'm glad they're not, because no ...

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The Brooks Group | Buyer Recession

The market is 🔥 hot 🔥 and many homes are going into multiple offer situations. If you're thinking of Buying or Selling, hire an 👊 aggressive agent. Put us to work for you. We get the job done. - 📲 904-570-1216. 🏠

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Jacksonville Housing Market Update! Check it out! If you're interested in talking real estate, or know a friend or family member who is looking to Buy or Sell, give us a call! #realestatejax #ilovejax #brooksgroup

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