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Another Draw for Jacksonville’s Housing Market: Growth of High Quality Medical Care

By Siddharth Mariappan


Mayo Clinic Jacksonville has announced it will be significantly expanding its facilities. That’s good news for JAX on several levels:

It will add hundreds of new local jobs that will strengthen the economy and bring new renters or home buyers to the market.
Access to a wider universe of high-quality medical care will create an additional draw for Florida-bound home buyers, especially Baby Boomers, to choose Jacksonville as their new home.
It will help to make JAX a medical tourism hub, bringing more money to local businesses.
The expansion of Mayo’s facility in Southside, off San Pablo Road, is part of its efforts to become “the destination medical center of the Southeast.” According to the Jacksonville Business Journal, Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, CEO of the Jacksonville campus of the world-renowned institution based in Rochester, Minnesota, said:

“Mayo Clinic is proud to be out front leading the way to shape the future of health care. With our vision to be the destination medical center of the Southeast, we are making significant investments in people, facilities and technology to meet the needs of all of our patients, especially those who come to us for help with complex medical problems.”

Mayo will be creating or expanding several programs, including construction of a new lung restoration facility which will break ground this year, and construction of a center to address complex cancer, hematology, neurologic and neurosurgical issues, and a new “state-of-the-art” positron emission tomography radiochemistry facility. Farrugia said that the expansion creates an opportunity to capture a portion of the 38 million potential patients who live within a one-hour flight range of the Jacksonville region.