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JAX a Top 5 “Best City for Retirement”

By Siddharth Mariappan


The Washington Post reported in an article titled “How to Spot the Best Cities for Retirement,” that Jacksonville is #5 of 200 metropolitan areas considered as a best city to retire. The story reported that in its Best Cities to Retire survey, ValuePenguin, a personal finance website that researches topics of interest to consumers, evaluated 24 specific features in 3 separate categories:

Healthcare and Safety. Availability of quality healthcare was considered, as was safety as shown by FBI crime data regarding the number of burglaries per 100,000 residents. Burglary is a crime often committed against the elderly.
Quality of Life. The survey included analysis of whether the city offers multiple options and resources for retirees to spend their free time, including local weather and availability of airline flights. It also looked at U.S. Census Bureau data regarding the number of services for elderly and disabled people per 1,000 residents ages 65+.


Travel and Leisure. Factors under this area addressed whether retirees have the free time and financial stability to enjoy themselves. For example, the survey reviewed United Health Foundation data on the percentage of 65+ adults who self-reported very good or excellent health.

JAX is the City with the Fewest Burglaries. One area pushing JAX to the top was its stats on burglaries. The ValuePenguin analysis found that JAX was the city with the fewest burglaries.

Florida is the State with the Most “Top Cities.” With 7 cities on ValuePenguin’s best cities to retire list, Florida is the top state on the survey.

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