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JAX a Top New Relocation “Hot Spot”

By Siddharth Mariappan


Lots of people – especially Millennials—are choosing to move to Jacksonville. That is the conclusion of a recent survey of which U.S. cities are attracting people who are seeking to relocate. In fact, it found Jacksonville to be #2 both for U.S. cities gaining the most new residents (Tampa is #1) , and for cities that are a top Destination for Millennials (San Antonio is #1).

In an article titled “The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now,” considered three sets of data to determine which cities Americans are flocking to:

Census Bureau migration data collected from 2009 to 2013 that tracked people’s moves in and out of metropolitan areas
The number of cross-metro moving requests on®
Cross-metro search traffic on®
It found the most popular cities mainly had two things in common: Affordable housing and a strong job market. According to the survey, JAX has an unemployment rate of 4.4% and a median home price of $272,400.

Florida Tops the List. The article noted that Florida was the clear top state for new moves, with three Florida cities on the Hot Spot list, JAX, Tampa and Orlando. It suggested the attraction is “largely due to unusually strong job creation…housing prices haven’t fully recovered from the crash yet, so there are plenty of deals to be had. Plus, the state has no income tax.”

Where People Are Flocking From. So where are these new residents coming from? found that the top 3 U.S. cities losing the most residents are New York, Chicago, and Detroit. (The article concluded many of those moving to Florida are from New York.) Also on that list are San Jose, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cleveland, San Francisco (with a median house price of $859,900!), and Philadelphia.

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