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JAX Named 1 New “Cool City” and a “Best Buy City” for Housing

By Siddharth Mariappan


One Cool City. I knew it. You knew it. And, now the rest of the country (or at least one publication) knows that JAX has become one of America’s new “go-to” cities. In an October 2, 2015 article, “O Pioneer! 5 Secretly Cool Cities Where You Can Still Get in on the Ground Floor,” The Huffington Post named Jacksonville the top “Cool City.” The article notes that “a small, active community of entrepreneurs” are working hard to change JAX’s image, and cites the following draws:

“ You name it, it’s happening, from microbreweries (Intuition, Aardwolf) to outstanding cafes (the hang-out-all-day Brew in happening Five Points, the brand-new Vagabond Coffee in Murray Hill), impressive farmers markets where you can meet local growers like Congaree and Penn, known for their terrific rice. (Yes, if you lived in Jacksonville you could source your rice locally, imagine.)

Downtown, the city’s oldest public square, Hemming Park, now has an open-air café, drop-in yoga and a popular beer festival; across the street in a gorgeously renovated private club is now one of the country’s largest candy shops, complete with bar and restaurant. Out at the beach, stop in at Flask & Cannon for tiki drinks….”

And a Best Buy City. All that coolness helps to make JAX a top housing market. In January 2015, Forbes ranked Jacksonville #16 in its top 20 list of “Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest in Housing in 2015,” (The ranking was of Metropolitan Statistical Areas with populations of at least 550,000.) Forbes noted that each Best Buy city has strong population and jobs growth, and relatively low home prices. “The cities on our list are places where opportunities are increasing–and so are their populations.”

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