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JAX Named a Top 10 “Green City for Nature Lovers”

By Siddharth Mariappan


Although we love the perks of urban living, we also crave a healthy dose of green space. went looking for the best “green cities” for nature lovers and found Jacksonville to be one of them, at #8 on its Top 10 “Green Cities for Nature Lovers” list. The designation was based on these criteria:

Parkland as a percentage of city area
Air quality index
Number of plots in community gardens per capita
Percentage of homes that have a garden or greenhouse
Number of farmers markets per capita
Number of farm-to-table restaurants per capita

JAX made the cut in part because of its significant percentage of parkland: 13.8%. In fact, it has more than 80,000 acres of parks, including 10 state and national parks, a national preserve (Timucuan Preserve), many city parks and gardens, and an arboretum (120-acre Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens). also noted that our “River City by the Sea” is a birder’s paradise, located at the northeast gateway to the 2,000-mile Great Florida Birding Trail.


Those of us who live here know what a great place JAX is to live and work, but its nice to have the rest of the world recognize it!