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JAX Ranked A Forbes “Best Buy City” for 2016

By Siddharth Mariappan


Forbes recently released its 2016 list of the Top 20 Best Buy Cities and Jacksonville— which was on its 2015 list — again made the grade.

“Best Bang For Housing Buck.” Forbes’ “Best Buy Cities: Where To Invest in Housing in 2016” is based on a survey of the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Area and Divisions, all with populations of at least 600,000, for characteristics of good investments. Its goal was to determine “where investors might get the best bang for their housing buck, and where aspiring homeowners have the best prospects of making an economically sound purchase.” Forbes said that Best Buy cities such as Jacksonville “boast healthy job growth, strong population growth, and anticipated home price appreciation. The majority of the cities are still considered undervalued….”

Florida Cities Dominate Best Buy List. Florida cities dominated the Best Buy list, with a total of 7 making the ranking. (JAX was #18.) Why? Here’s what Forbes reported:

“Because it attracts retirees, second-home buyers, and investors, the Sunshine State’s housing market is subject to more volatility than other markets. With would-be retirees and vacationers staying away during the downturn, housing prices tumbled dramatically.

Since the national economy has stabilized and is growing again, the factors that prompt people to go to Florida have recovered …. As retirees and vacationers return, they need services, in turn creating a steady stream of jobs, which leads to a steady supply of renters. Last year Florida added nearly a quarter-million jobs, Florida TaxWatch reports.”

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